Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer


coffee-cup-warmer.jpgMost of us in the working world know how hard it is to get out of bed in the mornings and go through the drudgery that we call work, and more often than not it is not just a state of mind that we have to snap ourselves out of. This brings us to the ancient beverage we call coffee, as millions of people around the world often start off their day with a nice, hot cup of Joe (two for others) before their internal engines are able to function effectively and contribute to the organization. You can safely say that coffee is the elixir that runs through each and every single organization, for without it, the whole company cannot function properly. Thankfully, we have the Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer to keep our office elixir nice and warm throughout the day.

While sipping on a nice, hot cup of coffee from freshly roasted beans, that experience can only be savored for the first few sips as once the majority of us get our engines revving, we abandon the coffee cup and concentrate on our task fully. This means the next time we lift up the cup to our lips, our coffee would be cold, lacking the aroma it once had earlier in the morning. Fret not – the Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer ensures that your compulsory morning beverage will remain toasty all the time, thanks to the convection heating system used.

Constructed largely of frosted glass with sculptural lines, it is capable of holding up to two dozen expresso cups or 16 regular coffee cups. The Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer measures 7.5″ x 16″ x 13.75″ and is an exclusive appliance from Williams-Sonoma. These aren’t exactly cheap for your office though – picking one up will set you back by $999.95. With Christmas around the corner, perhaps it is time to think of rewarding your employees by getting one for the pantry.

Source: BornRich

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