The HurriQuake Nail

by Tiago

The HurriQuake Nail
The HurriQuake Nail is not part of the average gadget that we talk about at CG, it doesn’t contain anything electrical and you can’t use it on a day by day basis.

The special nail – a thin pointed piece of metal that is hammered into materials as a fastener – is suppose to be used on your house and what makes it better from the other normal nails is being able to sustain (or add more resistance) in case a hurricane or earthquake hits your house, at least that is what they say. I wonder if all the damages made by the hurricane Katrina could have been lower if people used the HurriQuake Nail…

Anyway, it took 6 years of development to reach the final nail version, it is an “original” idea by Edd Sutt in which the focus is to – how to keep the nail from pulling out – when a Hurri/Quake joins the party and blasts a house. As you can imagine the basic idea is something like: if the nail doesn’t get pulled out, your house stands still. Apply this thought to the 8,000 nails that are required to use while constructing a house, and you are sure to be safe.

I believe the idea comes in a good time and people should take advantage of it, since the fears of previous hurricanes are still present and with the claims that HurriQuake boasts (50% more resistance to earthquakes, 2x resistance to high hurricane winds) the only smart thing to do is using it, unless there is a better option of course…

Since I only gave a general idea of what the HurriQuake Nail is able to do, you can read the full features and more statistics on this flash animation if you are interested enough.

Props to /. and PopSci

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