Covering your Macbook Pro, what’s a fool to do?

by Fred

So you’ve got that beautiful little Macbook Pro now (15″ just for reference). Now how do you keep it looking like the day it rolled out the door at Infinite Loop, (the Apple HQ street).

Now you’re thinking, which case and cover do I get? Do I need a case? Do I need a keyboard cover? What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow? Is it an African swallow? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Why was he chucking it in the first place? How did I get off topic this far?

Right, Macbook Pro coverings.


Tucano MacbookPro sleeve, this one is just a regular sleeve, however they did one nice thing in that, it’s actually interesting looking and I wouldn’t mind seeing it everyday. Also this case is distinguished enough for coffeehouse or courtroom, and it also is original enough not to be lost in the sea of boring that is easily found in the case world.

Binderyriffic! This binder style case has pockets and closures for secure storage and travel. I’s covered in an aluminized nylon (looks cool, feels cool). You can use your computer while in the case (it opens out and it can stay in the case! Also, there are pockets to store software and some smaller hardware pieces (like a mouse. It’s likely a better direction to go over the sleeve style, especially if you already have a sweet bag that you carry it around in.


This is the cover I’m likely getting for her. It’s a Red shiny plastic cover from Speck design, it’s safer, it’s cleaner,
and it’ll always provide safety for the machine, while easily putting it in any bag that’s nearby, plus it just looks really cool, and glossy (yeah, it’ll probably scratch up, but better it than your lappy! A slim design a`la rojo if you will, that simply says, “I’m keeping this svelte and rockin!” Please do visit their site and click on the larger image to see it before you get anything! Yeah it’s $33.50 with $7.78 for Shipping (41.28$ US total), but it’s just sweet!

Speck Silicone Red cover

These are some of the great looking Prosleeves by Wrappers (these guys do Nice work). Just a simple sleeve, done very well. , This just needs to sit on your moco table while you taunt people about how art deco was the best thing ever. Plus there is a corduroy so you can totally snuggle with it! 20 pounds, and
another 3.50 to ship it.

alcantara sleeve

Cream n courduroy

Crumpler, sweet name, for 45$ you too can have a nice looking padded zippered cover, no straps, no extra pockets, but the darn thing works well. Plus it’s made by Crumpler, (they’ve got some sweet camera cases).


It’s soft, it’s fuzzy, it has to be tied. This cover handkerchief cover from Echigo runs about 4800 yen (no idea what that is in Kroners)

echigo hankerchief

Poppys! Poppys! Poppys! They’re a great way to decorate a laptop sleeve. Why not, someone’s gotta love em. 31.50$ US with free shipping!


This is yet another sleeve, with what they term as a “sukie style I’m guessing Sukie is some artist. My apologies if I’m way out of the loop on Sukie (I’m guessing I’m not). It’s 34.20$ US (free shipping also)

Sukie Sleeve

$19.99 for this piece of Marware, (it’s for protecting your board, which you need to do! Plus it’s a cool name.) It’s a PVC pleather top, and a clear keyboard cover. It looks like one of the better options for keeping your screen and keyboard top safe.

protection pack 1

It’s the iSkin (aaagh! the letter “i” uncapitalized again! Can we make a law against that?) Serves a great purpose, it keeps the keyboard clean and protects the screen from scratching. Get something that’ll do this or you’ll be sorry! 15.49$ US + 3.99$ US Shipping

protection pack 2

This thing is supposed to be 100$. I don’t get it (bad images on their site) and don’t know why there seems to be a plastic case over an “Italian pebblestone leather” casing. Umm, ok, tell me why that’s a better way to do it. To me it just sounds like more for me to break and crush. Anyway they seem convinced they’re on the right track. So if different and mildly useful is what it seems you’re after, well, here ya go! Oh yeah, and if you want a handle you have to buy their “handle-it” option separately.


Timbuk2, you know them, you love them. They’re great, they’re consistent, you can customize them. Why not, it’s the standard in messenger bags? Because, well, we’ve shown you a few that are neat, different, and may not cost you an arm and a leg. However, there will always be a Timbuk2 bag (my Toshiba laptop sleeve is from them, it’s 5 years old, and doesn’t look 2 days old after constant lugging). I have their shoulder strap pad also (ok, I’m a wuss, but the damn thing gets heavy), it rocks too! So if you’re tired of looking around and just want good and not to think about it, Timbuk2 is for you!


Two final parting links of goodness, here’s a neat little shoulder sling kit, that seems very useful.

Finally, for that workman in the field (maybe you architects need to look here) click this link for the, and I kid you not on the name MacTruck for some real security. It’s attache case meets Dick Tracy (well, if Dick had a Macbook Pro). Lots of great visuals here, so don’t miss out!
I hope this helps! Most of all, I hope you find what you’re looking for, especially if it’s a Macbook Pro case, as that’s what has been written about here.

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