So what’s on your list for the (insert name of the holiday you celebrate here)

by Fred

It’s almost that time of year again.festivus poles

When children, and the greedy among us write ridiculously long lists of the things we’d like to see in our possession in the near future.

The big question simply is,, what would you like?!

Well leave it to this intrepid,, uhh, blogger to dig up the real dirt, and tell you what’s out there for that tricky, demographic we all find so hard to please,,, You!!!

Now I should warn you, to this point, I have personally refrained from stating any of these words ever in my writings, PS3, XBOX360, and especially Zune! (ugh) (I must say that I have used the words Wii and ipod already, as I’m obviously a big fan (hint, hint Nintendo) hah!

We’re going to try and find those true nuggets of joy for the upcoming season of capitalism that we all love so very much. Those items that aren’t well known (ok some you know),, that ARE in production (I’m looking at you Optimus Keyboard), and can be had for a sum that humans without trust funds can afford (I’m looking at you Lenovo Thinkpad Table X60 that I consistently lust over, yet have no chance of obtaining).

I digress. Now we attempt to delve into what I will simply term as the beginning of,,,,

THE LIST (here’s where you’ve got to click through for the fun)

I’ll begin with “The categories”

Best USB based gifts (ok we’re going to do a top three for everything here).

1. Mini Digital TV USB watch digital TV on your computer.

2. Plain old memory stick (1 Gb). Everyone can use one, and it’s a great cheap gift.
3. Sony Micro Vault with Fingerprint ID, secure your data! (or there’s always MoJoPac)
Tech DIY gadgets (cheap? Wanna make something that isn’t utter crap and useless? Here ya go!)

1. Duct tape wallet. you’ve got duct tape, make one!
2. Make a second monitor screen from an old laptop (not for the faint of heart!)
3. Nike Free I.D. shoes (ok, so you only get to design the look, but it’s fun, and they’re great shoes!)

Best simple zero technology gifts (no electronics, limited mechanical operations, the key being Simple)

1. Staple free stapler (it’s no Red Swingline)

2. Go to the Lego site, and look at the corkscrew, salt & pepper shakers, and ice cube tray.
3. Aviator Laptop Stand, just snap it together! (then again there’s always the Twistballs and Snapballs)
Best gadget toys (for the little girl or boy inside us all, (if you have both, I think you have trouble!))

1. X-Rotor Picoo Z Micro Helicopter There’s no way you can tell me you don’t want one!

2. Team Associated RC-12L A great R.C. road car. Schumacher is retired, it’s your time! (we’ll miss you Michael!)

3. L.E.D. license plate frame, write messages to the people following you, let them know they were PWN3D at the next light!.
Best Personal productivity products (think, cool wallet, moleskine, pda)

1. Logitech io2 Digital Writing System a product I still dream of getting. Once I eventually do, look for a writeup. Probably the least known, best piece of technology there is. Take notes with a pen on paper, transfer the straight to your computer. It’s from the Anoto group that developed the technology (just like the Fly pen from Leapfrog)

2. Flavia coffe pod coffeemaker (mmmm coffee, my favorite is a small Americano with a shot of caramel syrup,, you know, if you’re picking up the coffee (also the aerobie aeropress almost filled this spot, give it a look too!)

3. Palm Pilot P.D.A. organize your life! (or do it without technology, use a moleskine ya hipster!)
Best outdoor exercise gifts (yeah, we’re going to list the iPod shoe connector, I’ll just tell you that now)

1. Garmin Forerunner 305, the only other thing you need for your workouts is an ipod, it does EVERYTHING else,, so cool. So cool…
2. iPod sport kit. sweet workout tracking goodness.

3. McMurdo Fastfind basically you hit the button, and they come find you, anywhere on the planet. Not a bad deal!
Best automotive gift

1. iPod FM transmitter, well of course you want to hear it in your car.
2. Tom Tom Go, just ask Tom Tom, cause you do get lost, (should this be in the signifigant other category? Nahhh,, or should it?)
3. Plug in Seat cooler, I’m from Fresno where it’s so hot your butt sweats in an air conditioned car! This is awesome!
Best gag (joke) gadgets

1. Dead Fred Pen Holder, arrgh, as a Fred I should be opposed to this, alas, it’s cheap and funny, and appears to work. I am a sucker for Fred related products. (hint folks at Ferrari, you could always come out with the Fred next, it’s F which is the next letter after E (you know, for Enzo!). Just think about it.
2. Flatulence Filter (yes, really) It does what it says. It’s sure to mortify the person you give it to!
3. Sudoku Toilet Paper, I don’t think I need to explain this.
Best Home Appliance (if you wanna piss off the wife by “making her life easier”)

1. Dyson CRO1 washing Machine (I dream big!) even if it is purple.

2. Roomba, Al has one, I have one,, seriously people, you don’t have to vacuum any more,, I can’t emphasize that enough!

3. As usual, you can’t go wrong with anything from Simple Human or OXO.

Best actual gift (jewelry based) for your significant other that won’t get you slapped (note anything in the prior list should NOT be on this list!)

1. iPod Shuffle. It’s beautiful and works!!! Plus, she’ll love you for it! (or the 8Gb Nano, for more power, in a micro size).
2. DNA bracelet from Moma, (perfect if you have a scientist wife like me! (then again, she wants slippers, go figure))
3. Vintage Mah Jong Choker, it’s just cute, and cool.

Best things to get me (umm if you know me you can just look here! Keep in mind, I’m a designer, weirdo, and F1 nut)

1. Logitech Nuloq Navitagor sweet tool selector goodness.
2. Any book written by Guy Kawasaki (except art of the start, as I’ve already got it) plus always check his blog, or you’re missing out!

3. Lenovo Thinkpad Table X60 that I consistently lust over

4. Wii (just in case)
Let the comment war begin!!

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