AirPod purifies air, does not do music


AirPodTake a break from your work for the moment and breathe deeply. Do you realize that you’re probably breathing in stale air day in, day out at the office? The claustrophobic environment of office cubicles definitely put a damper in creativity. Why not invest a little bit of money and get much more in return with the AirPod? It might look like yet another iPod speaker dock system at the first glance, but don’t let its name mislead you. The AirPod is actually a personal air purifier that comes in a road warrior friendly size that would not put too much of a burden in any suitcase.

Blue Air’s Airpod claims to utilize approximately 60% less material to manufacture, 50% less packaging and 85% less energy than other air purifiers of a similar capacity and performance. In addition, they are extremely environmental friendly as the AirPod is constructed from materials which are 100% recyclable. All you need to do is to plug it into any available power outlet and start breathing in real fresh air. Not only have you solved the problem of stale and musty air in offices, you get to stave off the effects of body odor from a nearby colleague, a persistent problem that rears its ugly head no matter which part of the earth you reside in.

The AirPod can be yours today for just $99, while two-pack replacement filters will set you back by an additional $40. Choose from four different filter patterns to suit your current mood and surrounding environment. Did we mention that the AirPod makes a great stocking stuffer for colleagues, family, and friends alike?


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