Sing “Baking Carrot Biscuits” and other BTO faves with iKaraoke from Griffin

by Fred

“Like a rhinestone pinecone” (“like a rhinestone cowboy”), and other famous songs can now be easily butchered withikaraoke your iPod with this great new peripheral the iKaraoke from Griffin.

We all know you love to sing along, in your car, on a plane, in a train, crossing into Spain, or wherever you may be headed. Well, now you can (and assuredly guarantee the refrain “Shut up!” from your little brother).

Thanks to Donald over at Techie Diva we found the iKaraoke, (good find Donald). It should be coming out later this year.
Now all those kids in the back of the car (or adults in the front of the car) can sing along to all their favorite tunes to their heart’s enjoyment.

From what I can tell from the website, it strips out the lead vocals on it’s own and leaves it up to you to appropriately rock out, (or country, or whatever).

It’d be great to break out the inner chips on this thing and really see what they’re doing to strip the lead vocals. Griffin tends to make really good ipod add ons, and this one seems to take the cake. Just think of the great new uses for this thing.

You can obviously have the simple karaoke party (it’ll pay for itself right there). But think bigger, caroling with real symphonic backup! You can finally really crank the tunes and be the lead singer for Limozeen! You can show the Boss who the boss really is (chances are it’s still Bruce, but why don’t you give it a try! I’ll even spot you Max Weinberg!

Well ok, all the ideas I have mainly revolve around just plain old karaoke, but why not? The best thing is, it plugs straight into the ipod easily, then you just take the 3.5mm audio out cord into the stereo and rock out. I’m wondering (a bit ahead of time) if this is much better with headphones, or if there is any bleedover from the mic if you use a stereo for output. However, there is designed to use with your stereo and it’s got the cord setup to prove it! So Griffin could be onto changing all your parties!

Also there’s built in reverb. Reverb being that cool noise those rockers get to make their voices sound all Soundwave-esque (or however they’ve designed it).

Griffin Technology has done it again with the iPod. One of the coolest products out there for this winter is the iPod iKaraoke. This iKaraoke is compatible with the mini, nano, ipod (4GB), and iPod video. It sends music to from your iPod to your Stereo via line-in cable, or wirelessly through your FM receiver. The iKaraoke cuts out all the lead vocal just like any other karaoke machine. Then, just use the cool little microphone to sing away or even, pause/play/next/previous the song too. It even comes with reverb effect to make your singing either sound better or worse. iKaraoke hooks up to your stereo.

Available Winter 2006: Bring the fun of karaoke into your home!

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