MP3 Player/Pedometer/Radio

by Tiago

MP3 Player-Pedometer-Radio

Can this be just another MP3 player with a Pedometer? Probably yes, but it is still worth talking about it because offering CG readers the chance to read about different products that have the same end is just one of the things I like to do, it is like offering more options when you are interested to buy a gadget but can’t decide which one to go for.

So, lets start from the beginning (pretty strange sentence but most people don’t actually do it) – a Pedometer is a little device used by people that exercise and want to have some kind of information related to the current exercise they are doing, usually the pedometer allows the user to count steps, set a distance, record movements, etc.

Since jogging and listening to music on a MP3 player is a common thing to do, it is not strange to see a 2-in-1 device that combines both (player and pedometer) gadgets. With that being said, this MP3 player has some pedometer functions such as a built-in stopwatch that allows you to set a distance or time benchmarks for cardiovascular workouts. It can be placed on the waistline area by using a clip or strapped on the arm area that makes it easier to use.

On the other hand we have the most normal specifications ever on the MP3 players world, this one has 1GB of storage capacity, a FM radio tuner, a small OLED screen that displays the music and pedometer info, and blah blah blah. (replace blah by the usual mp3 player specifications)

Basically, the features are exactly the same when comparing to the previous Pedometer MP3 Player we talked about, there is just one exception for the price which is one hundred bucks cheaper.

PS – It is available at Hammacher Schlemer for $99.95

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