The System is Down. (I shut it down.)

by Fred

So you’re at work, then your phone rings with an ominous warning. “Your home is flooding.”

Well maybe it doesn’t say just that, but it does indicate that water is spilling into your house in a more than unappreciated way. With the new Liquidbreaker, which by the way made Popular Science’s best of what’s new list for this year. You can remotely shut off your water, and save all your stuff from a very soggy ending.

Burst pipes cause roughly 37% of insurance damage to homes (granted, I got this number from the Liquidbreaker site, but even if they’re half right that’s 18.5%, a sizeable chunk!) The residential unit (they also have a commercial unit, but I’m betting you may not own anything that “The Donald” owns, (then again)) can be set for specific rates, and upon reaching warning levels, will alert you via email that there’s a problem.

This is one of those great pieces of technology that is so boring that it makes me yawn effectively. However, a product such as this is useful, and can help to save homes, and the family heirlooms therein.

Have a dry day!!

Manufacturer’s page

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