Don’t call the Bio Trainer a pedometer


bio-trainer.jpgYou know that the holiday season is just around the corner, and even though you might be single and have nobody to spend it with, there is always family who are ever ready to welcome you home with a nice, hot meal waiting at the table. As you eat away, little do you realize that the pounds are starting to fill up around your waist. Keeping track of the amount of calories in your food intake can be pretty tricky, but here’s a device that can help you get back on track to attain the pre-holiday svelte figure you used to walk around in. The Bio Trainer from Smart Home is an interesting weight-loss aid that is capable of monitoring all your activity for the entire day.

Whatever you do, don’t call the Bio Trainer a pedometer though. This unique device can be clipped onto your belt easily, and with the integrated motion sensor and tri-axis accelerometer, this weight-loss aid is more than capable of measuring the amount of calories burned as well as the overall physical exertion from every single movement you make. This device has been medically tested and clinically proven to show the amount of calories you burn for the entire day, and it also stores data from the last 9 days as well in order to help you chart your progress. Whatever it is, simple maths come into equation. The more calories you burn compared to the calories you eat will result in weight loss.

In fact, less vigorous activity such as doing your laundry or even general housekeeping will also register on the $49.95 Bio Trainer. It would be interesting to note which gamer will use more energy – owners of the PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii? Granted, PS3 owners will expend much more energy in the beginning as the console looks heavy enough to break the proverbial camel’s back, but the Wii will probably consume more calories during gameplay with all the frantic hand waving.

Source: Smart Home

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