Wow your wall is burning beautifully!

by Fred

wall fireOk so that was a really obscure way to say there’s a new fireplace that mounts like a picture. The beauty of fire, the convenience of a wall screen, now in your home!

All for just 1,299.00 you too can make fire happen indoors, and without a flue!

Yes, that’s right, flueless fire. Of course as Word does not recognize the word flueless, I’ll have to explain it. Typically fireplaces have a location for all the exhaust gases to go after burning. Well with the help of small catalytic converters, the burnt gases are cleaned and are allowed to escape safely indoors.

They mention “the ability to burn off the odorous and stale air in the room and efficiently return warm and neutral air back into your airspace” on their website. Now I don’t know about it being able to find the odorous and stale air directly. But I have a feeling their patented claims could be correct regarding highly efficient natural gas usage. They claim 100% efficiency, heck, I’d skip and jump at 99%, so that’s pretty amazing (it has to be 99%, nothing is 100% efficient, and I’d be delighted to be challenged on that one (go ahead, send me one, I’ll test it!))

Either way, it looks like a great device for someone who has a gas line, no flue, and a desire for a beautiful fire and a modern piece of furniture on a nice midwinter morning.

Or, you can just get a DVD of a fire burning and watch it on your wall mounted plasma screen with the heat turned up. I’m just saying.

Manufacturer West Country Fires found via GrowABrain

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kelly Says: November 28, 2006 at 12:21 pm

Can you actually get Flueless gas fireplaces that hang like wall art in the US?
Are they UL rated, etc?

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