Who dropped my laptop?! Oh, right, I did!

by Fred


These new Twistballs and Snapballs (yes these are their actual names) from PWX, (who?!) provide a very confusing function. These balls allow you to slide your laptop around on your desk!

Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s what I thought, which was simply. “Stop moving my laptop!! It’s going to slide off the desk, fall, break something, and my pretty new Macbook will be all splattery!!”

Well, from all I can tell from their promotional material,, that’s true! In their movies, they clearly demonstrate “sliding it away” and “sliding it closer” (no! Really?!)

However, there is one part of this device that is particularly clever. The balls, (remember, their words, not mine) twist off! (ow!) The self adhesive side of the product sticks on to the back of your laptop and is easily left there, while the ball can be twisted on and off. Neato!

My simple question, you geniuses over at PWX (if that’s indeed your real name!) Why not make the ball out of rubber so that your laptop is raised nicely like an ergo keyboard, AND it won’t slide off the table!

(I’m just saying.)

Found via TechieDiva.

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