Robocoaster gives you thrills


robocoaster.jpgIndustrial robot manufacturer Kuka has teamed up with Primal Rides, the Canadian amusement park ride designer in order to developed theme rides that are based on a robotic Kuka arm. Known as the Robocoaster, this is a pretty interesting piece of news as it can be safely said that the Robocoaster is the only rollercoaster in the world that will bring its riders for a wild, wild ride, with the ultimate objective – to make its riders puke.

The Robocoaster comes with 6 degrees of freedom and is capable of lifting over a thousand pounds (that is tipping the scales at half a ton) out to a 3.3 meter reach. It is more than capable of accelerating the human passengers inside to speeds of over 2Gs, which is much more than what you would experience when sitting in an accelerating Ferrari Enzo. The Primal Rides game will be a fully interactive experience. For example, the “Fight or Fright” ride is great for those who love shooting games as it challenges riders to shoot at themed targets in order to rack up the points. The higher your score is, the targets and ride speed increases accordingly until your stomach cannot take it any longer and gives up this morning’s breakfast.

Hopefully the speed and direction of the Robocoaster won’t let your puke fly and hit anyone around you, as you will probably be greeted with a couple of knocks to your head from the offended person upon alighting from the Robocoaster.

Source: Robot Gossip

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