Make a clean swoop of poop


swoop-scooper.jpgYou know how having a dog can be the best of times and the worst of times. Your adorable mutt is more loyal than your spouse and doesn’t nag you, knowing what’s important in life – friendship and being there during times when you need him most. Unfortunately as we live in this fallen world, nothing is perfect, and even a dog as smart as Lassie will still give in to its animal instincts and leave poop all over your garden and neighborhood. Be a responsible citizen today and pick up the Swoop poop scooper for just £16.99 a poop pop.

This unique device comes with four appendages which act as a claw, and is capable of picking up your dog’s poop in a simple move, unless your mutt is suffering from diarrhea that is. Once the poop is scooped, it can be placed in a sanitary bag which is provided by the same company you purchased the Swoop from. This claw-like device is capable of mimicking the human hand, boasting a spread of slightly over a foot. It is manually operated, so there is no need to rely on environmentally-destructive batteries.

The way this unique, patented system works is so simple, you don’t need to dirty your hands anymore. For an additional three quid, the Swoop can also be purchased for £19.99 with 70 bags instead of just half a dozen. Additional disposable bags can be picked up in eight packets of 20s for £16.99. Clean up your dog’s act today with the swift and efficient Swoop.

Source: The Red Ferret Journal

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