Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku

by Tiago

Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku

In case you enjoyed some of the previous Sudoku cool gadgets that we talked about, like the Sudoku Toilet Roll to be used n the WC, or the popular 3D sudoku that works like a rubriks cube, I am very confident that you will also enjoy the touchscreen sudoku.

This sudoku game is different from all the others because: besides featuring a touchscreen which is a rare thing to see in simple games like this, (I haven’t seen a touchscreen tetris game, yet) the selected number puzzles were picked by Will Shorz, a columnist at the New York Times newspaper. I don’t know if this is suppose to be good or bad, but lets be optimist and think positive.

On the inside features there is the chance to save a game and resuming it later, another positive point goes to the auto-save feature that saves battery by turning the device off when no one is using it. To make the game suitable for experienced and rookie users at the same time, there are 4 levels of difficulty, on top of that there are more than 800 puzzles to make the most of the gaming experience and offer more play time.

If you are a real sudoku pro, you will probably play on the most difficult level, right? If that isn’t hard enough, try playing with a timer that is also included, on the other hand for the sudoku newbies, there are game hints to make the game easier to finish.

The Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku is available at ThinkGeek for $20, it might be that Christmas gift you were searching for your geek-math-sudoku friend.

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