The Monitor Color Corrector

by Mike

Most people don’t even know that laptop screens, LCDs, and CRTs can be calibrated to get the best picture possible, and some that do know that just don’t care, but there are a few people out there that can really notice if the colors and contrast levels are off. For those types of people, getting a specialized device that’s only purpose is to calibrate your computer’s monitor seems like a great purchase.

Each time you want to use the calibrator, just use the included software which will take you through the process in a step-by-step manner. The first thing measured is the ambient light in the room, after that, you attach the unit to the computer (via USB) and colorimeter automatically calibrates your monitor. Once your initial calibration is done, just keep the unit plugged in and it will automatically keep the color settings up to snuff; the only time it needs to be redone is when you change locations (or computers).

The Colorimeter is totally USB powered, so no batteries are needed, and the USB cable is included. You also get a 2 ounce bottle of screen cleaner, just for kicks I suppose. One little fact the product description was sure to point out was that this colorimeter is the smallest one available today – small enough to fit into your purse, or if you’re a man, you can just hold it in your hand.

People who use their computer to check their E-mail a few times a week will never get this colorimeter, but if you’re someone who really, really, really cares about detailed colors spending $80 on this doesn’t seem that bad.

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