The Lazer Vault and the SpeedDetector

by Mike

These next two gadgets can be great gifts for any kid simply because they’re amazingly cool. Honestly, I want both the SpeedDetector and the High-Tech Hideaway Lazer Alarm Vault, even if I’d only use them for a few days, those few days would be awesome.

Use your SpeedDetector to clock how fast you throw a baseball, how fast your friends ride their bikes down a hill, or catch Mom or Dad speeding and then blackmail them (it will go as high as 60 mph, or as low as 2 mph). The front LCD screen makes finding your speed easy, and you can even play alone, although that’s no fun, because of the pivoting screen and rotating sensors. Unlike regular “speed guns”, the SpeedDetector does not emit harmful microwaves, which is great (ouch). This toy won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, and the Parenting Center Seal of Approval, if that means anything. Only $40.

Lazer Vault
Even though the SpeedDetector was cool, the High-Tech Hideaway Lazer Alarm Vault (quite the mouthful) is cooler. At all times, unless those batteries are dead, two laser beams are shining, protecting the vault; as soon as the beam is broken, a piercing alarm sounds alerting you of the heist. Stopping the alarm requires the correct code to be entered into the concealed key pad. Although I’m sure it deserves tons of awards, none have been given just yet. Only $30.

Any kid would be crazy not to want these two gadgets, and the prices are reasonable on both. If you get your kid one, and he doesn’t like it, feel free to send it over to me.

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Andreanna Says: June 17, 2010 at 10:54 pm

Is the Lazer Alarm Vault still available for purchase?? Cost still $30? Please advise, thanks.

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