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pronto-condom.jpgBoth of you has had the most romantic dinner throughout the time you’ve known each other, and being hot-blooded young adults, chemistry has turned up the libido in both. Without any further ado, you and the love of your life head into the bedroom and start giggling around like little kids as your eyes light up in anticipation, knowing what’s to come ahead. Unfortunately, after all the initial brou-ha-ha, your fingers fumble when you try to open up that packet of rubber only to see it drop on the bed in pitch black darkness, killing off the mood instantly. You mutter a curse under your breath, and wonder why you didn’t read Coolest Gadgets earlier to pick up a box of Pronto condoms.

These condoms were designed for unprecedented ease of use, and can be applied within a few seconds without all the slippery motions that you were used to with conventional rubber. All you need to do is to crack the pack open and unroll it directly onto the erect member. This is made possible thanks to a tiny plastic applicator which comes inside each foil pouch, where the applicator enables the condom to unroll by itself whenever the pack is slid downwards.

Developed in South Africa, this condom was manufactured to the most stringent of international quality standards and is currently available in regular, with thin and ribbed variants to follow early next year. They will be sold at the same price point as conventional premium brands to give users more value for money. You can now get it on with your honey without worrying about throwing away the mood out of the window with a pack of Pronto condoms!

Source: Medgadget

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