Persona C30 – ID Cart Printer

by Tiago

Persona C30 - ID Cart Printer

The Persona C30 is a ID cart printer that will probably save you lots of time and money if you are the kind of person that needs to create lots of ID cards. Instead of going to the printing stores and waiting a bunch of time to have the work done + having to pay an extensive bill, the Persona C30 can help you by letting you do the card printings at home.
The following feature is from one of the C30 models (dual-sided) and it is where the real time safer aspect is on:

The C30 dual-sided printer reduces card handling by automatically flipping each card to print both sides in one pass.

The price of this printer can be between $2,300 and $3,900 depending on the model you chose, the features that matter the most are:

  • if it is suppose to print on both sides, or not
  • if the future card will only make use of one color, or more
  • how many cards do you plan to print per year

To pick the right Persona and see the different features, visit the personalized online store.

PS1 – of course that, if you need 2,000 cards with very high quality that should be done overnight (or happen to be in any similar situation), I recommend a real printing store. On the other hand, if you live in an area where there is a great need for ID cards but not many stores that provide this type of service (I doubt such place exists), you can start your own business with a C30.

PS2 – it works via USB, more technical specifications can be seen in this PDF shiieet.

[found at EverythingUSB]

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