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invoca-remote.jpgIf your wife, children, and dog won’t even listen to you despite holding the title “King of the House” by proxy, take heart. Smarthome has the InVoca 3.0 Voice-Activate IR Remote Control that enables you to bark commands at the idiot box sitting in the living room without having it throw tableware in your direction or peeing on your newly polished car rims. This unique device utilizes your voice to perform a variety of functions over various household entertainment devices such as the TV, a DVD player, a VCR (there are still some people who use those?), a cable box, a satellite receiver, and even your very own home theater system.

Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, the InVoca 3.0 can be programmed to control a maximum of four devices while learning the voice commands of up to four different users. It is also smart enough to perform multi-step macro commands, while using the voice-activated channel scan option doesn’t require you to lift a single finger to surf channels. Somebody should do a research and see who uses more energy – the one who talks or the one who clicks.

There is a grand total of 25 single-word commands which can be programmed into the InVoca 3.0, excluding the additional 25 multi-step commands. You also don’t need to worry about dead batteries ever again if you pair up the InVoca 3.0 with rechargeable AA Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries which are sold separately. All you need to do is to leave it on the charging base when it is not in use, offering you an ever constant stream of power just before you hit the couch to watch your favorite show. The InVoca 3.0 retails at an affordable $49.99.

Source: Ubergizmo

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