Micro BR lets you make music on the road

by Marie

Boss Micro BR
When we think of mobility, we see a vision of the laptop. When we think of visual and audio mobility, we see the iPod. ‘Course those who own cellphones or PDAs that could perform the tricks of both of these devices will argue with us, but there’s no need to argue with them. Thing is, can your typical mobile gizmo record digital music in almost a limitless fashion while you’re on the road?

Guess this is what Roland Corp. had in mind when they came up with phat idea for Micro BR Digital Recorder. Musician or not, this thing will rock your truck.

Exactly what does it do? It loads and plays back MP3 files, like what most digital recorders do. The guitar multi-effects processor lets you time-stretch the MP3s in real time without affecting pitch. Within each of the four simultaneous playback tracks, the Micro BR has eight companion V-tracks, totaling 32. You can sense the advantage and freedom of recording take after take during the mixdown process.

The 300 drum patterns are handy for establishing a new track’s rhythm or for play-along inspiration too.

The Micro BR sells for $319.50 at BOSS, and is just a tad bigger than the iPod. It also makes use of an SD card so you could pretty much buy one from any local electronics store in case you need a bigger storage media.

You don’t have to be a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to consider yourself a hardcore audiophile. Having the Micro BR is probably the next best thing to hearing “Road Trippin'” in your bus. Flea will have to agree.

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