H2O Audio’s Waterproof iPod Cases

by Mike

H2O Audio Case
H2O Audio’s line of waterproof iPod cases and waterproof headphones will put the SwiMP3 Player to shame. Sure H2O Audio’s solution is still pricey, but instead of that measly 128 MB of memory, you can get gigabytes.

Each of these cases will definitely add some bulk to your iPods, making them not so pocketable. Sacrificing your iPods outer beauty gives it the power to withstand depths of up to 10 feet. Try doing that with a regular iPod case, well actually, don’t do that, unless you’re anxious to get a new iPod.

These cases feature all sorts of patented features and trademarked names. Most importantly is the Commander, which allows you to fully control the scroll wheel (what’s an iPod without one?) under water, even with gloves on! Feel free to give your iPod a good drop as well because the LatchTight system will keep it in place and secure no matter what (unless it’s a real, real hard drop). Just one more fancy feature left, the SealTight connector, which somehow protects your 3.5 mm headphones from water damage.

Even with all those features, this wouldn’t be a truly waterproof solution without a pair of waterproof headphones, which H2O Audio also offers. These headphones can also handle 10 feet of water, and have a durable neckwrap for use in more active sports. It’s a lot harder to try to find a pair of headphones in a lake than on the ground, so keeping them on is important.

H2O Audio’s waterproof cases start at $40 for the Shuffle (1G), $80 for the Nano (1G), and $90 for the Video. Add the $40 price tag of waterproof headphones and you’re probably spending around $120.

H20 Audio [found on GizWizBiz]

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