Sony Vaio Type G Laptop – only 898 grams

by Tiago

Sony Vaio Type G

Another big release, another big claim. This time it is Sony making the allegations that they have the lightest notebook on the world also known as Sony Vaio Type G. While its features don’t make it a top notch laptop, I’m sure there will be space on the market for the G because consumers don’t like heavy devices and since this one only weights 898 grams (without an optical drive), there must be plenty of people interested in it.
The lightweight laptop gets a bit heavier and reaches the 984grams if you decide to pack it with an optical drive, but still, we are talking about a laptop with less than 1kg so make up your own conclusions if this is a cool gadget or not.

Besides being light, the Vaio G also has another great detail in which most laptops suck – the battery. This baby has 12 hours and half of battery life, almost the double that some laptops offer. But this goal can only be archived while using the Stamina mode, I guess that means lower LCD brightness and turn off other features to have more battery life.

  • on the inside specifications there are 2 options on the connectivity area, either Bluetooth or WiFi. there are also a
  • couple of choices while picking the processor: Celeron, Core Solo U1300 and U1400
  • the hard-drive can be one of these two: small 40GB, or big 80GB

Price: the basic model without optical drive will cost close to $1,900.

There are 15 photos of the G at AkihabaraNews if you want to know what beauty means.

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nilesh Says: September 2, 2008 at 10:26 pm

whant the price of vgn-cr353g/n

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