USB Digital Microscope

by Tiago

USB Digital Microscope

If you are the type of person that enjoys to see microscopic views as a hobby, than I just found the perfect cool gadget for you. It is cheap and supposedly works pretty good, (for a hobby of course) so don’t think that this device can be used professionally. Maybe you will see it during some CSI series because they usually make up a lot of stuff there, but besides that point, I can only see the Digital Microscope being used for fun and experiments or maybe as a gift for kids that will learn something while using it.

So, the USB Digital Microscope is like a mini-camera that can zoom in and out with 3 different magnification levels, the lowest being 100X while the highest is 300X and in the middle we have 200X. Besides being able to zoom images, it can also do the same thing with videos. I can imagine myself using the microscope and my target being my keyboard, I would probably find out a lot of stuff inside that I don’t even know how it got there, most would be food because eating cookies while using the computer and typing is one of my favorite hobbies.

The images and videos come out with a 640×480 resolution, and like I mentioned previously that the microscope is like a mini-camera, it is kind of obvious that it can also be used a webcam – the whole package even includes a webcam stand. In case you are interested in checking transparent items, there is a bright LED light that will probably help you out.

The USB Digital Microscope costs $70 at ThinkGeek and comes with its own software.

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