Fore indoors!!! or Here Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!! The Golf-Launchpad

by Fred

Indoor GolfSo you want to play golf in the house but your mother, wife, girlfriend, dog is opposed to the idea, B$!@ocks!!! Now you can play in the house (ok, at least first check and see that you have enough swing room, if you don’t, you may hit grandpa’s ashes, and that’s never good, remember he wanted them scattered at St. Andrews, not while you played it on your PC!)

This fun little piece of plastic is set to work with both the PC and the fruit,, er Mac, (by the way, my wife’s new Macbook Pro will be arriving this week and I’ll be sure to get my own review out on it soon!) The plug is the always simple USB (can someone please go thank whoever came up with that thing!) They’ve even done a really smart thing, that most companies are not clever enough to do. They’ve designed an entire “Reload kit” to bring your Golf-Launchpad back up to its original classy level of factory freshness. More importantly there’s a freely downloadable swing analyzer they provide as well. How great is that?! Now you can sit at home, practice any swing, anywhere, with your own clubs, and spend (for the PC) under 280$ for both EA Sports Tiger Woods ($19) and the Golf-Launchpad ($249.00). That’s cheaper than even getting most of those fancy hitting nets and mats!!!

Now if you’re really fancy you get a projector (come on, you’re not always using that office projector for work are you?) to feel the complete effect. Next time invite me over for a pint and I’ll bring my own clubs. Oh, wait I seem to be getting ahead of myself.

So it seems, if you’re looking to play Bethpage Black, Kapalua, and the Old Course, all in one day, with your own clubs, in the comfort of your own home, without the use of a SR-71 (I think N.A.S.A. has one they’re still using), with access to your own couch for a nap on the walk up the 18th, then you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Practice up! Oh and if you’d like my hints for golf, here they are: keep your eye on the ball, keep your head down, swing out and up, and finally,,,,
Keep score by color!! “I think I got a blue on that hole”

Found on uncrate available from Electric Spin Store

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