Memento Mori reminds you of the Grim Reaper


memento-mori.jpgWe might give the Grim Reaper a passing thought throughout our fleeting lives, but often when our time is up, we are not prepared to leave this world. Instead of having listen to constant fire and brimstone messages, why not carry a timepiece that reminds you of your impending doom? The Memento Mori Death Watch was created in 1810 and makes for the perfect timepiece to remind you of how short our lives here on earth are. This is definitely not a watch that you can find at any watch shop, boasting a unique design of a miniature human skull.

The Memento Mori Death Watch features hinges on the miniature human skull that enables you to open the skull in half from the cranium, exposing the minute and hour needles inside. It is made from 18K gold (yes, you can pawn this if you really need some dough to pick up the impending PS3 and Nintendo Wii), enamel, and diamonds as evident from the eyes and teeth. The name Memento Mori literally means “Remember you are mortal, remember you will die, remember your death” in Latin.

Hopefully, this macabre timepiece will be able to make us live out the rest of our days in a much more peaceful manner with the rest of our neighbors and with more love toward our friends and family. After all, you certainly would treasure something which you forked out $16,000 for. Remember, death is never far away, but that grim reminder doesn’t mean we do not have the right to live our lives to the fullest and doing all the good we can, wherever we are, and whenever we can.

Source: Ubergizmo

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