VidaBox offers HD DVD and Blu-ray on a single platform


vidabox-hddvd-bluray.jpgMedia Center systems are pretty much the same, boasting enough hard drive space to store a respectable amount of episodes, the usual high end video card for DVD decoding, a pretty spiffy processor, and an adequate amount of RAM. VidaBox decided to up the ante by bringing both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats into a single device with their new line of Media Center PCs. The premium Dual HD Lux and Max systems are rack-mountable computers which can handle either high definition disc formats without a hitch. This means you no longer need to worry about picking up the right disc format to match your player.

Both the Dual HD Lux and Max systems offer convenience, high-fidelity audio, and high-quality video performance in an extremely simple-to-use package. Since high definition is the new video standard and there is no clear winner between both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats, picking up the Lux or Max makes perfect sense as you will be able to purchase videos in either format without worrying about obsolescence issues.

The VidaBox support 1080p high definition resolution in addition to HDCP-compliant outputs, and dual analog & dual HDTV tuners which enable you to record up to four shows simultaneously. Both the Lux and Max are powered by dual core AMD 4600+ processors which is ably aided by 8GB of RAM and nVidia’s 7950GT video card to provide the optimal balance between speed and power. The Max and Lux also come with 3,000GB and 3,750GB hard drives. Be a winner either way by picking up these new releases from VidaBox today.

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