Plantwall brings some green into office


plantwall.jpgWorking in an office hardly enables you to keep in touch with Mother Nature, and no, the 3 tiny cacti located at the corner of your desk do not count. As it is, most people get to their office while it is still early to avoid to morning rush hour, and return home late at night long after the sun has set – that means they hardly see the sun at all unless they leave the office during lunch time. I suppose given a couple of hundred years, office workers (and bloggers alike) will evolve into pasty-complexioned organisms who cannot bear the sight of sunlight and live underground like moles.

Before that fateful day comes, why not introduce some nature into the cold, impersonal office environment? The good people at Green Fortune have created a variety of greenery which can be custom fitted into virtually any space. You don’t even need to worry about maintenance as the Plantwall is self-sufficient, watering and fertilizing itself. You can choose from a wide variety of plants in order to spruce up your office without losing any precious floor space in the process. Not only that, the plants will also supply an ample amount of oxygen and humidity in the office in order to improve the air quality.

Give your office workers something to cheer about with the Plantwall. There’s nothing quite like investing in human capital, and when you provide an optimal working environment, rest assured that the dividends paid will be more than what you put in in the first place.

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