BeamBag Hands-Free Flashlight


beambag.jpgThere’s nothing quite like catching up on some reading just before you turn in for the night. Unfortunately, bedside reading lamps are more often than not hot and extremely bright which causes a distraction, while it keeps your partner tossing and turning. There must be a better way to read in a comfortable bed, and the BeamBag Hands-Free Flashlight could be the answer to such a problem. The LED light is attached to a microbead-filled pouch which is capable of sitting on virtually any surface comfortably, even on your shoulder as you won’t even realize that its there after a while.

The BeamBag will then case a focused beam of soft yet bright light onto your reading material without disturbing those around you. The bottom is made from durable rubber, ensuring that it won’t slip accidentally while the flexible neck goes a long way in keeping the light focused at a precise location. Brookstone claims that the LED light can last for up to 100,000 hours and does not require any replacement whatsoever. It takes a single button to turn the BeamBag on and off.

This $25 device is powered by a couple of AAA batteries. Night owls who read plenty should consider picking this up.Perhaps we should run an article pitting the BeamBag Hands-Free Flash Light vs. the Over-Ear Book Light one of these days and see which one will emerge as the winner. What do you guys think – does looking like a Borg entity appeal more compared to an Atari 2600 joystick lookalike?

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