Visiball Golf Ball Finding Glasses

by Mike

Visiball Golf Ball Finding Sunglasses
We’ve posted about the RadarGolf System previously, but it does have a few cons. First, it’s pricey; costing $250 for the starter kit, and two, it’s not approved for “official” play. The last one isn’t much of a problem because if you’re that good, you have a dedicated person, maybe team, to find any lost balls.

The Visiball Golf Finder does the same thing as the RadarGolf, but in a much simpler and less technological way.

If the product image hasn’t already given it away, the Visiball Golf Ball Finder is a pair of glasses, with one little twist, the lenses are a bit special.

Those lenses block out all ambient colors, leaving your white ball very visible and all other distractions in the background.

While this won’t be nearly as accurate or easy as the RadarGolf, it’s pretty basic and simple. You will have to actually guess a bit to find the area where you ball is, and if the ball is behind a tree or under a lot of grass, you’re just out of luck.

I’ve actually worn these in real life, and they really do work. Granted, I wasn’t on a golf course, but the effect was just the same.

The glasses come in two styles; one is the fit-over style, which is pretty nerdy, and the other is the wraparound style (pictured) which is a bit cooler. Both styles cost the same.

The price is the real shocker here. Most people would think that a pair of glasses with a colored lens would be a few bucks, maybe ten, but no, for a pair of the Visiball Golf Ball Finders you’ll need to shell out $40.

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