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road-warrior-deluxe.jpgZip-Linq is noted for their wide array of cables and various connector solutions, so it is no wonder that the latest Deluxe Zip-Linq Road Warrior Kit will sit down well with those who travel on a frequent basis. We know that packing our suitcases for a long haul trip can be quite a tricky affair as we have to maintain a healthy balance of space between our beloved gadgets and their many accessories as well as the rest of our clothes and toiletries. Often times, packing becomes such a hurried affair that we might end up forgetting to bring some of the more necessary connector cables to our place of destination, reducing grown men to a pool of tears as they don’t know how to transfer their presentation slides from one device to a notebook.

The Deluxe Zip-Linq Road Warrior Kit ensures that such a scenario will never happen as it packs in a USB 2.0 a Male to mini 5 Pin USB Cable, USB Notebook Light, USB 2.0 A Male to A Female, Cat5e Twisted Pair Gigabit ready patch cable, Cat6 crossover adapter, Male to Male USB adapters, stereo ear buds with a microphone (for VoIP conversations) and even a USB mouse. Each of these cables come with their very own retractable compartment in order to maintain a neat appearance. Once you’re done, you can place these parts into soft foam inserts that hold them in place.

The entire Deluxe Zip-Linq Road Warrior Kit retails for approximately £35. Don’t leave home without it! After all, prevention is better than cure.

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