1000 pages per minute? That is what I call a printer!

by Dan

LCD Printer

What if we could make printers work similarly to a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)? That is, instead of having an ink head moving back and forth across the page you would have one large head (the size of a sheet of paper or larger) composed of many ink spots, called nozzles. The printer would then emit pixels of ink just like the LCD emits pixels of light. The “whole page” printing technique would incredibly increase the printing speed.

The idea comes from Moshe Einat and Nissim Einat, two researchers at the College of Judea and Samaria, Israel. According to their study such a device would be able to print 1000 pages per minute initially, possibly more once the technology evolves.

Now, being able to print that many pages per minute would represent a benefit to central offices and large organizations. The possible applications, however, are not limited to traditional uses. Imagine being able to print a book is less than 30 seconds, it is the dream of any librarian! Automatic book selling machines would also be able to list millions of titles. The customer would select one from the database and wait 30 seconds for his fresh new book, literally!

Source: Physorg

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