Carbon Chassis Velocipede

by Tiago

Carbon Chassis Velocipede

This Carbon Chassis Velocipede is suppose to be the first vehicle powered by human force that uses that specific material on the monocoque chassis, I don’t know why but companies/products that claim to be the “first” or “world’s smallest” (you get the idea…) always freak me out. Anyway, the material used on this vehicle is the same which is used in Formula 1 cars, that gives you an idea of their intention which is to make it light and “speedish”.

As you can see by the image it as 3 wheels and I suppose only one person can fit in the tiny space, it’s very light only weighting 60 lbs (27kg) and has 20-inch forward wheels to make the high speed turns task easier. The seat is in a “laying down” position that offers comfort and the possibility of a better performance. To give it a real car feeling, it even has some of the real car details such as headlight, tail light and turn signals – these are all rechargeable.

I wonder what’s the top speed you can get on this thing. Maybe on a downhill it can reach 40, or 50 mph? Probably more, but when this top speed occurs it’s hard to imagine what would an accident look like, it seems so unsafe like it can break itself in two while you’re inside it.

The “First Carbon Chassis Velocipede” only costs $14,000 at Hammacher.

PS – It was designed by Michael Goretzly (whoever he is, kudos to him)

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