Shave Saver


Shave Saver

When ever my electric razor runs out of charge (I should take notice of the lights more) I have to resort to a manual wet shave. The only way I know of to see if the razor is sharp is to drag it across my face and see if I feel a tearing sensation. Well there is now a technical solution to my painful problem, the Shave Saver Digital Shave Counter.

The Shave Saver Digital Shave Counter does exactly what it says it counts how many times you’ve used your razor so you know when it’s time to bin it and clip a new head on.

The Shave Saver costs $19.99 and comes complete with a “Spacious Canvas Travel Bag” (wow!) and a month’s supply of shaving gel. Available from Shave Saver via Book of Joe.

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