Pyramat Sound Seat

by Mike

Pyramat Sound Seat
Playing a came from your couch on some old junky TV is good enough for most people, but some gamers really like to get into the game, experiencing it almost, which the Pyramat Sound Seat does.

The chair itself looks pretty funky, it’s shaped like a very wide U and honestly looks uncomfortable, although it is leather material. The cool part is the speakers built into the chair itself.

Yep, that’s right, there are two 8W speakers an even a 50W ARX subwoofer that will put those old rumble packs to shame.

Because most gamers are lazy, the controls for volume, bass, and input are built into the side of the chair, you’ll barely have to take your hand off the controller! This feature is compatible with the PSP, DS, PS2, GameCube, and XBOX. You can also plug in your MP3 player, including the iPod, or a VCR/DVD Player.

The Sound Seat comes with a variety of cables, an 11 foot audio cable, a female-to-female RCA plug adapter, a 3.5mm male-to-RCA female plug adapter, and a 2.5mm male plug adapter. With all those, you should easily be able to hook it up to something

You can’t just throw your Sound Seat in the middle of a big room, it requires power, which means you’ll need an AC outlet. The product page doesn’t specify the length of the cord, but if you’re really desperate, you can always break out an extension cord.

The Pyramat Sound Seat sells for $150 and is available at Sharper Image.

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MA5T3R Says: March 30, 2010 at 4:53 pm

i got one… exept it was cloth not leathear… and it cost like 40$ (I got it on sale)

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