Honey, I shrunk the PlayStation 2


palm-ps21.jpgThe PlayStation Portable was widely touted to be a portable PlayStation 2, but that claim is largely a bogus one as the PSP never really lived up to its potential, and the hardware specifications fall short of the PS2’s power. Brian Gardiner has taken matters into his own hands literally by ripping a stock PS2 open and rewiring all the components and buttons into a custom-made body which boasts a much more portable form factor. Behold, the PalmPS2!

The PalmPS2 is practically the PS2 in a portable format, and Brian has managed to use as many original PS2 parts as possible in order to maintain an authentic experience as much as possible. Features of the PalmPS2 includes a 5”LCD display, a built-in DVD drive located at the back, a lone memory card slot, and a pair of stereo speakers. Since the slim PS2 gets hot after running for a couple of hours, it is natural to expect the PalmPS2 to be rather warm when you play it. It makes a great winter console as it keeps your hands warm while you go about slashing your way through the latest Japanese RPG.

Unfortunately, the PalmPS2 does not come with a battery pack as a device of its stature will guzzle up batteries like no tomorrow, hence the external battery pack which needs to be hooked up to a wall socket in order to keep the PalmPS2 going. There is no price tag attached to the PalmPS2 as it requires a whole lot of time and passion to come up with one, so you will probably have to pay Brian handsomely to create one for you.

Source: Ubergizmo

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Ionia Says: July 26, 2007 at 1:14 pm

I think the PSP — that mini-Plasystation 2 — has turned out to be the cash-cow Sony had doped the Playstation 3 would be. There are some great PSP cheats, forums, reviews, yada-yada-yada here:



Robert Says: April 19, 2009 at 9:55 pm

Pretty cool concept idea, I couldn’t see people actually paying money for this though, especially with the PSP.

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