Arcade Mania Sit Down with 150 classic games

by Tiago

Arcade Mania Sit Down

There are plenty of arcade games on the market but this one is probably one of the best, the Arcade Mania Sit Down features 150 old-school games and comes in a nice looking cabinet. There are some small details (which are the ones that count the most) that other arcades don’t have, like being able to pause a game for big and small interruption periods, or a simple multiplayer feature. The usability seems to be good as well: no need for additional setup besides a plug and play system; it’s easy to select games by scrolling up or down with the joystick; if you get bored with a certain game because you can’t pass a level, there is an option to exit right away and pick a new game; the sound manipulation could be better because you can’t increase or decrease the volume – only turn it on and off by using the buttons under the arcade.

On the 150 games there are almost all the good classics, I still remember playing some of them like: Asteroids, Paper Boy, Aladin, Arkanoid and many others. This arcade weights 71kg which is good and bad at the same time, meaning that it looks pretty stable and hard to make any kind of damage, but it can get a bit difficult to move it around without some help. I would include some kind of wheels that could be plugged in the bottom for easier maneuvering. The dimensions (1,6m x 53cm x 65cm) are also a strong point, it’s not too big so it can fit in a normal house without occupying much space, of course it can be a good addition to your bar/pub/restaurant/coffee shop, etc.

The Arcade Mania Sit Down is available at Gizoo for £1,799, close to $3,350. There is another similar version, the Stand Up edition costs £1,599 ($2,983).

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