Nostalgic Coca-Cola Machine

by Mike

Nostalgic Coca-Cola Machine
If the Drink-O-Matic wasn’t good enough for you for whatever reason, maybe it was to small or didn’t hold enough drinks, and you love vintage items, you need to check out the Nostalgic Coca Cola Machine.

If it looks familiar, it’s because it is. It was modeled after the original 1956 Coca-Cola vending machines, and even has a few
touches of modern technology added.

Everything looks just right on the outside, the built in bottle opener, coin slots, logos, and the red and white colors. Inside, however is a nice little refrigeration system that will handle all your beverages. You can store up to 64 cans, or 32 bottles. All sorts of sizes can be used, from long neck beers, to 6 oz. Cokes.

There’s even a beverage selector on the front, so you can store Coke and Diet Coke or whatever you like, but don’t think about putting Pepsi in! Hah. And if you’re not the most generous of people, you can make the machine coin operated, and charge your friends to get a beer or coke.

Don’t try to overnight this thing, it weighs 250 pounds, and measures 56” x 16” x 24”. Expect to wait up to 6 weeks, too. The price tag isn’t so appealing, either, a cool $5,000. Still, it’s pretty cool looking, what with the old school bottle opener and all. The ability to charge your friends for drinks is fun, too, but don’t expect to make back all the money you spent on this machine from that. Order yours from Front Gate.

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Wasmachine Keuze Says: May 24, 2009 at 1:12 pm

heej goed artikel! Weer wat bijgeleerd 🙂 Erg leuke blog dit! Ik heb ook een blog over wasmachines, wil je hem eens bekijken: Thanks, Mark

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