Vacunaut – Taking Shape without Surgery


Having problems shifting a “spare tyre” around your midriff? You’re not alone, as this is a problem many people encounter. You spend hours at the gym putting in countless hours of healthy exercise, but still the love handles remain. Well, there could be a solution in the guise of the Vacunaut training system. It’s a method of gentle exercise combined with clever vacuum therapy targeting the midriff section.

The main feature of the Vacunaut pressure suit is an integrated fat activation system consisting of 122 chambers that performs a gentle massage on the stomach; these chambers provide the opportunity for low and high pressure to be alternated on and around the midriff area.

The application of low pressure on the stomach and waist encourages blood flow into the fatty tissues allowing the blood to be enriched with the required amount of fatty acids. The high pressure then speeds up the movement of this enriched blood to the muscles that are being exercised. The result being that around 80% of all the fat you burn during your session will be coming from the abdomen and waist.

Another benefit of the Vacunaut system is that you are not putting constant strain on your spine by doing “crunches”. All you need to do is some gentle walking whilst wearing the Vacunaut suit. Of course, it may not be such a great idea to wear the suit whilst taking a Sunday afternoon stroll at the park.

Many people have tried this system, including a few famous pop stars! Have a look on Vacunaut to see for yourself. Hat tip to American Inventor Spot.

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