Browzar – a stinky browser with adware

by Tiago


Browzar was announced a few days ago as a new internet browser with the slogan – Your private window on the Web. There was a lot of hype on different big and important websites (Register, BBC and others) because this new piece of shit software was suppose to offer plenty of benefits such as no installation required, browsing history, stored files and cookies were not saved to protect the users privacy, being freeware and only occupying 246k of space were the other bonus offers.

Well, it didn’t take long for everyone on the internet (besides the previous mainstream sites) to notice that Browzar is nothing but a program with adware and doesn’t have the announced features. It is considered adware/bullshit program by many people.

  • To start with, Browzar is not an actual browser, it’s more of an add-on to Internet Explorer – that explains the small (246k) size.
  • The default Browzar homepage – – which can’t be changed unless you add/edit some code, is their search engine that doesn’t show useful search results, meaning that the first 2 or 3 pages of results are affiliate (uses Yahoo overture system) and sponsored links that are suppose to generate money for the owner – this explains why it is free.
  • The all mighty privacy issue is false, it does show traces of your browsing history by leaving .html pages on internet explorer temporary folder*. The program doesn’t erase cookies either…*
  • If you want a comedy moment, go to the Should Have Used Browzar stories which are probably all false as well and only naive people would believe they are true.

Who is the person behind this scam? Write it down: Ajaz Ahmed, founder of Freeserve an old UK Internet Service Provider.

Via web3.0 and Tech Guardian Blog

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thosie Says: September 3, 2006 at 7:50 am

you have mentioned lot of things but if what you have said is correct show the people how you can verify your claim that Browzar does trace your history …is this real or another false claims

Tiago Says: September 3, 2006 at 1:00 pm

thosie, the claim I made about Browzar tracing history can be seen here.

It’s the asterisk (*) link included in the 3rd point of the list I posted.

sarah Says: September 12, 2006 at 1:27 pm

I knew Ajaz at Freeserve. He was ‘founder’ only in as much as he came up with a JV idea for an ISP with Hewlett Packard called Channel 6. It was a turkey – I was the management accountant who worked the numbers!

Then John Pluthero and Peter Wilkinson of (what became) Energis thrashed out the ‘free offering’ and Sir Stanley Kalms sort of loved it although he didn’t completely understand it, so they let John Pluthero run with it as CEO.

Ajaz was up in Leeds doing a bit of Business Development, telling anybody who’d listen that he was a founder. Hmmmm.

Compare Ajaz Ahmed(winging it in a bedroom in Huddersfield) and John Pluthero(Chairman of Cable and Wireless UK, succesful ex CEO who turned Energis around).

I’d buy C&W shares before downloading Browzar!

You have been warned. A man still shouting about business ideas of 8 years ago is going nowhere in my humble opinion…..

PS He only made low six figures from Freeserve

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