Audio And Illuminated Comforter


Bedtime comfortIt’s one of those exciting days where Hammacher release a slew of new, cool and often stupidly expensive products. I’ll be writing about a fair few of them over the next week or so, so this will be one of many, the Children’s Audio And Illuminated Comforter.

This comforter is aimed at kids that are a bit scared of the dark and have a hard time getting to sleep. There are 100 LEDs and various soothing sounds to help your child relax at beddy-by time. The young boy or girl can be mesmerised by a 3 minute light show (not sure if that will send them to sleep) or relax to the noise of rocket engines, sirens, walkie talkies….. hang on a minute this sounds more like a toy than a sleep time comforter.

This is one of those Hammacher products that is a tad on the steep side IMO weighing in at $179.95, ouch.

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