WebGuard Programmable Internet Timer keeps tabs on surfing time


webguard.jpgAre you wondering whether your kids, when left to their own devices at home, are spending too much time on the Azeroth server in the World of Warcraft instead of hitting the books so that they will do better in life than their old man? Fret no longer with the WebGuard Programmable Internet Timer. This nifty device connects to either dial-up (who uses that anymore these days) or a DSL modem, where it then keeps track of how much Internet time has been used, shutting off the connection when the limit has been hit. You can set different kinds of limits for both weekdays and weekends. Definitely a must-buy for parents who do not have anyone at home to supervise their children while they are at work.

The WebGuard Programmable Internet Timer uses an easy touch-pad programming method that will not baffle even the most technologically illiterate parent. If you know how to set an alarm clock, the WebGuard Programmable Internet Timer will prove to be no large obstacle. Its ease of use is made all the easier as there is no software and PC interface to contend with. You will require a password to access the programming mode, so make sure you don’t mumble it during your living room naps in the presence of your kids.

The jacks which attach the WebGuard Programmable Internet Timer to the computer modem are tamper proof, so there is practically no way for the young ‘uns to get more World of Warcraft airtime unless you allow them to do so. This device also doubles up as a firewall for business applications as it prevents unauthorized access from inbound and outbound calls. This keeps remote PCs safe from hackers, while central offices are able to dial in at specific intervals for data retrieval purposes.

Smart Home is offering the WebGuard Programmable Internet Timer for $99.99.

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