Nanny Cameras Galore

by Liam

Nanny Cameras Nanny Cameras Nanny Cameras Nanny Cameras
I’ve just stumbled upon a whole bunch of really cool nanny cameras which look like ordinary household devices for those who love secretive surveillance. These gadgets all resemble regular objects you might just have lying around your house and all contain good quality cameras to capture the goings on in your house in the sneakiest way.

The cameras come in a range of prices and with varying features. They go for between $139.99-$379.99 and come with both hardwired and wireless models. You can also choose between color and black-and-white cameras depending on how much you want to fork out.

This could be the ultimate tool for parents who don’t trust their kids. Kids, you should probably be on the lookout for any of these items in your house or any other new items that mysteriously appear one day…

The available items from this list are a book, a clock, an air-purifier, a boom box, a plant, an exit sign, a teddy bear, computer speakers, VCR, a functioning motion-detector, and a fake emergency light which reminds be oddly of many other emergency lights I’ve seen before. I would have to say by far that my favorite is the plant because it’s just so cheesy but cool.

To check out the list and read up on the various cameras, check out Spyville’s Nanny Cameras.

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