Innovan – Cool Mobile House

by Tiago


The Innovan is like a portable mini-house that can be attached to your vehicle, it is made from lightweight material and designed in a form that it can be slided-on the tray back, this way you have 2 advantages: being able to drag a boat, trailer or anything else you want; and good performance on or off-road areas. This mobile home comes with plenty of features and as the name (innovan) indicates, innovation is the important part. Here some specifications with links to photos:

  • 2 beds – image
  • 100 liters of storage capacity under each bed – image
  • 85 liter fridge/freezer – image
  • Small toilet that rolls out from a compartment – image
  • Table with 100kg load capacity – image
  • More storage space underneath the seats – image
  • The previous compartment is accessible from the outside – image
  • Stainless kitchen with sink, cooltop, BBQ and work bench – image
  • Shower cubicle on the outside – image

And the list goes on… As you can see, Innovan gives a new meaning to the word “mobile house” because it is very compact in size and nevertheless it is full of features. There are 4 models available that differ in quality and new features, the basic and less expensive is the Trader, on the middle we have the Crusader, next up is the Rover model and the last which is also the best is called Voyager. There are 6 options for the interior colours that have exotic names such as Simpson, Alpine and Polar. On the outside the standard colour is Glacier White Gelcoat. Another remarkable detail is the ease of setup, it takes 30 seconds – watch the video

Welby Davidson from Innovan, comments:

The Innovan Slide-On Camper is the complete touring package, where you can take the comforts of home with you without the hassle of towing a van.The Camper’s aerodynamic qualities reduce drag on the vehicle and improve fuel economy

More information available at the official Innovan website –

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Mohamed Says: June 22, 2009 at 3:26 am

i hope if i can get the qout for this product

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