Self-winding Garden Hose

by Mike

Hydro Industires' ReelSmartWatering your plants during the summer is pretty much required, unless you want them to die. This isn’t such a bad thing, it gets you outside for one, but then there’s that pesky garden hose. Unwinding it is no problem at all, just keep pulling until it’s out. The problem is winding it back up again, it takes practice to be able to do it without getting it all knotted and making it torture to get out the next time you use it.

You really need the ReelSmart from Hydro-Industries, it’s a self-winding hose. The hose is housed in a plastic, yet sturdy, box-like container. Setup is simple, just install the included parts and you’re done. No, it doesn’t involve many tools, you’ll use a screwdriver once and that’s it!

The actual container will house up to 125 feet of 5/8” hose or 60 m of 1/2”, which should be plenty for the average garden.

The real beauty of this thing is how it works, there’s absolutely no electronics involved. No power source, so don’t worry about the occasional bit of water getting in. The automatic winding is powered by the water pressure, yes, quite clever.

For someone who simply hates using a garden hose because in the end, you’ve got to wind it up again, the ReelSmart from Hydro-Industries looks awesome. Having absolutely no electronics involved, which means no breaking, is a plus, too. There available from hardware stores such as Home Depot for $75 – $140.

The Gadgeteer has an excellent review along with plenty of pictures and a video which you can check out here.

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Beryl Koplin Says: February 14, 2013 at 11:41 am

Do you have or could make a reel that will rewind a plastic hose, maybe a 1/4″ diameter….maybe there is a new product for you to take to market….

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