Carry Your Own Personal Space Grass Patch


I just came across this in the Gadget Forums a shoulder bag with an integrated artificial turf blanket, for those days when you need to stretch out in the park but the grass is shoddy.

OK this is a weird one, a German company named WiesenGLÜCK* presents “a new lifestyle” product (don’t ask me but okay.)It is basically a shoulder bag with an integrated blanket made of artificial turf that can be used at every place you want to as a private lawn.

The bag’s special feature are: by means of zippers on all four sides of the bag you can connect your own blanket in the meadow the luck lies with the blanket of your neighbour. Maybe already next summer there will be the world’s largest lawn! In any case, the WiesenGLÜCK* bag makes sure a lot of new contacts!

More info at WiesenGLUCK (if you know German) found via this thread, thanks Case.

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