3-In-1 Gadget Pen

by Liam

3-In-1 Gadget Pen
These days it seems like every gadget isn’t just what it appears to be. The manufacturers are always thinking up new and unique features for gadgets which are constantly making life easier while compacting as much as they can into one device. This really interesting 3-In-1 pen is a very handy gadget which would be perfect for use around an office or in a meeting.

On the outside it appears to be a very normal pen that one might carry around for taking notes. It also works just like a normal pen and aside from a small but mysterious silver button on the side there is no way for anyone else to know what you’re holding!

First of all there is a handy little flash drive stuffed right into the pen. If you unscrew the first section of the pen a USB connector is revealed. That part of the pen is then plugged directly into your computer’s USB port for easy plug-and-play access to your files! This makes the pen the perfect note-taking gadget whether you prefer to take them digitally or the old-fashioned way with that thing called paper! With 512mb of storage it’s quite an amazing job done by the good people at Brando.

The third part of the pen is another very cool feature. If you often have to make presentations, a laser pointer makes things much easier. Somehow they managed to fit one into this pen saving you from cluttering up your pockets with more gadgets than you need to have. The laser pointer requires two CR1220 batteries to function (included).

The pen allows you to save space as well as helping you organize your gadgets. Weighing just 1.6 ounces this gadget could be the perfect tool for anyone who likes the easy route.

For more pictures and a review check out The Gadgeteer.

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Anay Says: March 19, 2009 at 1:39 pm

what is the price of this pen

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