Lexar Lightning

by Mike

Thumb drives are nothing new these days, but the JumpDrive Lighting from Lexar is a little different.lexar-lightning.jpg

The Lighting is your standard thumb drive, maybe a little shinier, but it also includes the PowerToGo Virtual Application platform. Basically, it provides an environment in which you can install just about any Windows application and run it off of your Lightning.

Sure, there are portable apps already, but with PowerToGo, you can run just about any application without having to modify anything. That means you can take your personalized settings from all your programs with you on the go.

That’s not all, there’s also encryption software built onto your lighting to keep your files safe. You can create multiple encrypted areas, which are actually encrypted on the fly using 256-bit AES encryption. There’s also a File Shredder, which completely and utterly deletes the file off of your Lighting.

The rest of the features are pretty standard, either 1 or 2 GB capacities, up to 18 MB/sec write speed and 24 MB/sec read speed. The 2 GB version will hold up to 2,000 photos, 32 hours of music, or 4.8 hours of video. For the 1 GB version, just divide, 1,000 photos, 16 hours of music, or 2.4 hours of video.

Shop around for better deals, you can find the 1 GB version for as little as $56 or as much as $80. The 2 GB version will run from $85 to $105. Not a bad deal considering all you get, PowerToGo, and encryption software. It’s shiny, too! See the Lexar product page for more details.

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