Belkin iPod Battery Pack

by Mike

Nearly everyone has an iPod, and nearly everyone who has it loves it. I know I do. One negative I’ve found is its battery life. It’s poor to say the least.
Belkin iPod Battery Pack
Belkin’s iPod Battery Pack is able to power the 5G (video), 4G, 3G, and Photo iPods for an extra 15 hours of music, or 6 hours of video on the 5G. That, plus the iPod’s battery should be able to get you through those intercontinental plane trips, marathons, hikes, anything really.

The Battery Pack is powered by 4 double A batteries, and connects to the iPod via its dock connector. The battery pack does add some weight to the iPod, but it’s not too cumbersome because the pack is held onto the iPod by suction cups.

The Battery Pack incorporates a handy four-level LED charge meter to tell you how much juice you’ve got left.

Belkin’s Battery Pack is available at their website for $50, a fair price if it means listening to your tunes, or the guy next to you snoring on that 12 hour flight.


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