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Mail ChimeUnless you live in an apartment where all mail is delivered to a sheltered collection of mailboxes, those living in a house with plenty of ground space can identify with the chore of walking out from the warm comfort of your home and braving the chilly winds outside just to check whether the postman has left anything behind for you. More often than not, the cold, lonely walk will prove fruitless, or you will be cursing under your breath as you clutch the latest bills and tax notices in your hand.

The Mail Chime is no chump as is offers a way to know whether you have some snail mail, regardless of the type of mailbox you use. This nifty device has a range of 300-feet, so unless you own a huge mansion with sprawling grounds, any incoming mail will immediately result in an alert. The Mail Chime is compatible with a mail slot, a curbside box, or even a wall-mounted mailbox.

Installation is child’s play – all you need to do is to mount the sensor on your mailbox door by taping it with the double-face tape provided, and plug the receiver into any available electrical outlet in your home. The battery-powered sensor will send a wireless signal to the Mail Chime whenever the mailbox door opens, which will subsequently result in a red LED light and a quartet of beeps.

Once you have retrieved your mail, press the reset button for the next impending delivery. The sensor is powered by a single 12V A23 battery (included) and measures 4.25″ x 1.5″ x 1″ while the receiver is slightly larger at 4.25” x 3.25” x 1”. You can pick up the Mail Chime for $44.99 from Smart Home.

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