Freego No Shock Aromatherapy Door Handle


Aromatherapy Door HandleWe all know how stressful the office or home can be, what more if you are one who works from home. Why not introduce some form of relaxation into the air with the Freego No Shock Aromatherapy Door Handle? Whenever anyone walks into the room, they will be pleasantly greeted with a smoothing smell.

The No Shock Aromatherapy Door Handle comes in a wide variety of colours and essences. Choose from orange, lilac, white, red, and black colors that represent cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla, rose, and opium scents respectively. Of course, the above mentioned are but a small sample range of what is actually available.

Aromatherapy is well known and documented to introduce a sense of calm, soothing even the most tortured souls when applied. The scents from these door handles are bound to reduce the stress levels at workplaces which in turn, translates to a more focused workforce who can offer better service to your customers. This will directly affect the bottom line, so why not perk up the faces at the office with the No Shock Aromatherapy Door Handle? After all, there is no hard in trying to eradicate those Monday morning blues.

One huge drawback when using this in an office – you could potentially scare away customers and clients who are extremely sensitive to such scents, or even worse, highly allergic to aromatherapy treatment. Should you want to install it, do so with discretion after getting the consent of everyone.

Head on to Freego Design for more information regarding the No Shock Aromatherapy Door Handle. There is no word on price details currently.

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